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Soft Home Textiles and Hard goods

  • Develop and execute the company's ecommerce sales strategy, with a focus on revenue growth and customer acquisition

  • Collaborate with marketing, product, and operations teams to ensure seamless integration and execution of ecommerce initiatives.

  •  Analyze sales data to identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement, and make recommendations based on findings.

  • Manage and motivate a team of ecommerce sales professionals, including setting performance targets and providing ongoing coaching and feedback.

  •  Build and maintain relationships with key partners and stakeholders, including retailers, distributors, and technology vendors.

  • Monitor and report on ecommerce sales metrics and KPIs, and adjust strategies as needed to achieve goals.

  •  Stay current on ecommerce trends, technology, and best practices, and apply this knowledge to continuously improve the company's ecommerce sales capabilities.


Soft Home Textiles

  • Develop and implement inventory management strategies to optimize inventory levels and minimize stockouts and excess inventory.

  •  Work closely with sales and marketing teams to develop and execute product demand forecasts and purchasing plans to ensure that inventory levels meet customer needs.

  • Monitor inventory levels and product demand trends to identify potential risks and opportunities and adjust purchasing plans accordingly.

  • Manage vendor relationships, negotiate pricing and terms, and resolve any issues that may arise.

  •  Monitor and report on key performance metrics, including inventory turnover, days of inventory, and order fill rates.

  • Work closely with operations teams to manage inbound and outbound logistics, ensuring that products are received, stored, and shipped in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Develop and maintain inventory management systems and processes to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

  • Work closely with product development teams to ensure that new products are launched in a timely and efficient manner.


Apparel, Soft Home Textiles, Hard Goods

Companies: Bed Bath and Beyond, Gap INC, Aeropostale, New York and Company

  •  Develop and implement production schedules to ensure that products are produced on time and meet customer specifications.

  •  Manage and motivate a team of production supervisors and operators, including setting performance targets and providing ongoing coaching and feedback.

  •  Monitor production performance against established metrics, identify areas for improvement, and implement process improvements as needed.

  • Develop and implement quality control measures to ensure that products meet established quality standards and customer specifications.

  •  Manage raw material and finished goods inventory levels, ensuring that adequate levels are maintained to meet production requirements.

  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with suppliers and vendors to ensure reliable and timely delivery of raw materials and supplies. • Ensure compliance with all health and safety regulations and maintain a safe and productive work environment.

  •  Develop and manage production budgets, including labor, materials, and overhead costs.


  • Retail Link-Walmart

  • Supplier Center

  • Vendor Central-Amazon

  • Seller Central-Amazon

  • Shopify

  • WF Partner Home

  • K-Link

  • DSCO

  • Syndigo

  • GSX

  • CommerceHub

  • Target Plus

  • ChatGPT

  • Google Analytics

  • Excel

  • Powerpoint

  • Microsoft Power BI

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