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Committed to Excellence

As an experienced E-Commerce Director, Buyer, and Production Manager I am highly versatile and can bring a unique skill set to any organization. I have expertise in managing the entire eCommerce sales process from start to finish, including marketing and SEO strategies, managing inventory, listing optimization and overseeing the production process.

As an E-Commerce Director, I have experience in managing online sales channels, creating marketing strategies, developing and implementing online sales strategies, managing customer relationships, and overseeing customer service operations. I have the ability to lead cross-functional teams and collaborate with other departments to achieve business goals.

As a Buyer, I have experience in inventory management, forecasting, vendor management, and negotiating pricing and terms. I have the ability to analyze data and develop effective purchasing plans to optimize inventory levels and minimize stockouts and excess inventory. I also have experience in developing and maintaining inventory management systems and processes to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

As a Production Manager, I have experience in overseeing all aspects of the production process, from raw material procurement to finished product assembly. I have experience in managing and motivating a team of production supervisors and operators, monitoring production performance against established metrics, and implementing process improvements to increase efficiency and quality.

Overall, I am highly adaptable and possesses a strong understanding of the eCommerce sales process, inventory management, and production management. I have a track record of success in improving processes, increasing efficiency, and achieving business goals. I am a strong leader with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and I am able to collaborate effectively across teams and with external partners to achieve business objectives.

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